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Walking the Labyrinth

There is no correct way to walk the labyrinth; there are many possibilities for your personal reflective practice. For some people, the path is a metaphor for a journey. The suggestions and questions for reflection below may be used to guide your walk. Move at your own pace. To pass someone, step to the side and then around them.


Take a moment to relax and reflect. Be still and take a deep breath. What questions or concerns are you pondering currently? If you wish, set a specific purpose or intention of your walk.

Journey In

Focus on the path. Let go of concerns. What stresses or worries can you imagine rolling off your shoulders? If your mind begins to wander to concerns about your day or life, gently bring it back to the path and your steps.


When you arrive at the center, stay as long as you need or want. This space is for reflection and meditation. What words or thoughts are most salient for you in this moment? Notice any changes in your awareness of self, time, or place.

Journey Out

As you return along the same path, reflect on insights or connections. How might you take action on, or let go of concern for, any questions or problems you have been pondering? Focus on possibilities and insights.


Think about the questions you asked and the energy you received. Enjoy a moment of gratitude for your experience, regardless of the outcome. How will you continue to make time for reflection? Carry this experience into your life.

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